Legal office JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík Vstupte

Legal office JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík-characteristic and orientation

I work in a small legal office, which consists of only one attorney-at-law (lawyer) and that is of me, JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík. I emphasize, that nobody else, only I, may accept full powers on my behalf and nobody else may negotiate legal representation or defence in criminal case on my behalf. It has happened to me, that I have found out, that somebody introduced himself as my co-worker, somehow connected with me, or something of that nature and that he offered legal services under my name. This is certainly without my knowledge.

Since I am the only attorney-at-law (lawyer) active in my legal office, I co-operate with other lawyers, who also work individually. I always do so, if there is a need of consulting anything, seek an advice, or when I am afraid, that it will be a more time consuming case, that I am in danger of not being able to meet my appointments, due to more hearings, being held at the same time. My orientation is general practice, which is also marked on the official website of the Czech Bar Association. I devote my time (almost) completely to representing individuals, as opposed to companies, includining criminal defence. It can be stated, that criminal defence represents substatntial portion of my activities. In criminal defence, it is possible to say, that I provide legal assistance first of all in general criminal cases (fraud, theft, sale of addictive substances) and I make no apologies for that. Many people are being charged with something, what they have never done. I also defend clients in criminal cases arising form car accidents. Much less, I defend clients in the cases of white collar crime.

I do represent clients in the cases of traffic violations. These are the cases, which are not handled by the courts of justice, but by municipal authority. There is no such a thing as traffic courts in the Czech republic.

My clients are predominantly common people, who come to me, because they need a help in some field of law. In case of some clients, it is the case of one time representation or defence, in other times it is a case of repeated representation, may it be of the same client, or of somebody else from the family, or from the circle of acquaintances or co-workers.

At various times various clients prevail. Since it can be said, that I know some foreign languages, it happens sometimes, that I represent foreign clients, who try to arrange their immigrant matters. I look the same way at everybody and on the contrary, I look less friendly at those, who try to provoke hate based upon race, religion, class and others.

If I defend somebody, who is prosecuted for a car accident, I oftentimes retain a traffic expert, who is asked by me to render an opinion of an expert, which I submit to the court, to the district attorney or to the police, whatever the case might be. Many times I retained an expert psychiatrist, when the client suffered by mental disorder and expert retained by police did not see anything, which could sound like suffering with mental disturbances.

I also seek the help of interpreters and translators, when needed.

March 2016

JUDr. Oldřich Ševčík